Making a Meaningful Difference

Our professional objective is to help clients achieve financial well-being, creating confidence and freedom to pursue the things that really matter.


Our Services

We’re primarily focused on supporting families and institutions. Read more about what services we offer, and check out some industry insights that we think you’ll like!

For Families

Our focus is private wealth management, including comprehensive financial planning, discretionary and tax-efficient investment management, and estate planning.

For Institutions

Business development planning, retirement plan creation and maintenance, investment policy creation, and investment management.


A partnership that goes beyond finances.

We’re a team dedicated to not only making your money work for you, but also provide you with the confidence and happiness that comes from financial stability. Trust our team to help you hit your goals, and open the door to being free to live the best life you can.

From the founder

“While results cannot be guaranteed, proven processes rarely fail to produce superior results. I have a passion for planning, the personal privilege to have experienced the payoffs, and shared the peaceful contentment when objectives are achieved.”


-Steve Gideon

"Few client comments give me more satisfaction than hearing: 'Thanks, Steve! I never would have thought of that!' ”

- Steve Gideon


A Customized Team Approach

Keating and Associates provides personnel and expertise that enable me to design the ideal team for the unique circumstances of each client. Each individual, family, or business has different needs, and I enjoy customizing a tailored approach for the client.

Steve & Jordan's Latest Insights

End of an Era?

For at least a decade two non-traditional factors have supported stocks—“free” money and a virtually zero interest rate environment (the latter an inevitable consequence of

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Plan of Participation

Steve: Investment management begins with investing philosophy. Some of the bedrocks of ours include risk management, diversification, and participation. Not only do we seek to

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Artificial Intelligence

What can be said about Artificial Intelligence (AI) that hasn’t already been said? Frankly…nothing. It is obviously the current buzzword and major influencer in the

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Ordering Our Affairs

More and more—both personally and professionally—we experience the awkwardness and ramifications of people not being ready for life’s predictable (or unpredictable) challenges. One of the

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Goal vs Plan

“Wow” is about all I can say about a recent backpacking trip with a group of younger friends up into the core of The Enchantments!

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